For our noble clientele we have been individually sourcing masterpieces of the most reputable artists in the world (Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, Gustav Klimt, Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gerhard Richter, et al.) because... 

ART BOEHME is a Multi-Family office for Fine Art with broad access to exceptional artworks. We have specific experience and differentiated linkages in global art markets, both public and especially private (off-market). ART BOEHME has a strong Swiss heritage, proactively providing its international client base with innovative, customized solutions. Our clients are at the heart of our day-to-day business. Based on our independence and our partnership principles, we are committed to building long-term trust-based relationships with our clients, business partners and within our company. It is our conviction that these are the foundations not only of continuity and reliability, but exceptional advisory quality and service excellence. All our endeavors are channeled towards our ultimate goal, which is to provide clients with unequalled access to the top artworks in our global Fine Art network.




• Sourcing Specific Artworks, Worldwide

• Client Orientation And Service Excellence

• Professionalism, Competence And Quality

• Continuity, Reliability And Trustworthiness



Company Profile

ART BOEHME has its business office in Zurich and is legally domiciled in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It is owned and managed by a private partnership with an aristocratic Belgian and German origin. Our company closely cooperates with numerous important player in the global markets for Fine Art as well as with various major banks, who act as transaction banks (custodian and administrators) for the physical and financial investments of ART BOEHME clients and its partners.

 As a Swiss Multi-Family Office for Fine Art, our firm offers access to high quality art, including private debt and investment funds (asset-backed securities related to vehicles with underlying artworks). ART BOEHME’s executives and advisors cover a broad range of fine art styles and customized art portfolios for an international clientele of collectors and investors, principally sophisticated family offices as well as private and corporate funds who are seeking direct exposure to art market investments worldwide. ART BOEHME offers its clients a particular access to global art markets for investing in well-chosen and individually defined artworks and collections of fine art.

We offer you :

  • Best advice with regard to the clients' art portfolio exposure diversified across artists, styles and periods of creation
  • An excellent combination of various qualifications, specific know-how and global network of the company's international artworks and client base
  • A dedicated research capability and as a result of its accumulating transaction activities a constant improvement in quality and size
  • A proven track record collectively of all team members in the art investment industry covering all segments of our overall operational fields

Our goal is to leverage our global expertise to make

our clients' art investments a real and stable success




Chief Executive Officer

Astrid Maurer is the founder and managing partner of ART BOEHME, a Swiss Multi-Family office for Fine Art. Prior to this position she has been the sales director of a Swiss trading firm in first-class artworks and collections for many years. She has built up a global network into the exclusive art world. Her origin is from a noble Belgian-German family of successful entrepreneurs. She studied business laws and speaks German, French and English.

Dr. Thomas LEUPOLD

Financial Counsel

Dr. Thomas Leupold is responsible for the corporate governance and global strategy of an internationally active, multi-billionaire family office and asset manager. He is also a member of its business development committee. As managing partner of ART BOEHME he is the financial counsel with regard to banking procedures for art transactions as well as for the structuring and management of sophisticated investment entities related to Fine Art as underlying.


US Partner

Jacob Shochat founded a successful tech company in the U.S. and is an international serial entrepreneur with a global network of leaders in business, culture and education. For ART BOEHME, he advises blue-chip artworks to sophisticated collectors and wealthy investors from the USA and around the world. He also consults chosen business partners and designs institutional art investments for them.


Art Historian

Erika Tanner studied art history at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and was trained at Christie’s Education in London for various specialties. For many years she ran her own gallery in Stuttgart, advising wealthy clients on building up contemporary art collections. At ART BOEHME, she is responsible for art research - i.e. appraisals and authentications for older artworks.

Ekkehard TANNER

Art Historian

Ekkehard Tanner graduated in art history and Romance studies at the universities of Frankfurt and Rome, followed by a stay at the Ecole de Louvre in Paris. He has worked for many top art collectors, the Staedel Kunstmuseum and the Schirn Kunsthalle. At ART BOEHME, he supports the art research and procures artworks - as he speaks German, French, Italian, English and Spanish.

Jean-Christophe VINCENT

Art Conservator

Jean-Christophe Vincent has worked in art conservation for more than 25 years, specifically for paintings and wooden sculptures. During this time, he has also gained broad experience as a multilingual expert in the evaluation and restoration of European classical modern paintings. For ART BOEHME, he mainly sources old master works, such as masterpieces from the Italian Renaissance.

Dr. Achim Ali ONUR

Art-Design Expert

Dr. Achim Ali Onur studied architecture, urban planning as well as art history and literature at the University of Stuttgart and was a professor at the Academy of Art and Design. He has worked as a project manager and as an author, publishing director and editor-in-chief for journals in several languages - even in Turkish. At ART BOEHME, he works with clients from his global network.

Baritone Wolfgang RAUCH

Classical-Music Expert

The economist Wolfgang Rauch studied singing at the Musikhochschule of Cologne and the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, and also in Italy and France. He has performed at the world's leading opera houses : La Scala di Milano, Royal Opera House London, German Opera Berlin, Opéra de Monte Carlo, and many more including Japan. For ART BOEHME, he heads conservatory and philharmonic activities.

Bettina PIEL

Relationship Manager

Bettina Piel has professionally advised a number of international banks and business groups from different sectors - increasingly with respect to art investments. For ART BOEHME, she engineers cross-border investment solutions for our demanding clients from Western Europe, Asia and North America as well as special purpose vehicles for artworks issued and managed via Luxembourg.


Branch Manager

Pierre Schaerer has been a successful entrepreneur, manager and board member of companies in multiple industries (such as commodities, fiduciary, banking, asset management, medical care and business consulting) in Switzerland, EU and the MENA region for several decades. He is also a passionate art connoisseur and collector. At ART BOEHME, he takes care of its Zurich office.


Operations Manager

Loïc Mayet has been responsible for the technical operations of various companies in different industries for more than 15 years and has ensured work platforms always running on a high level. At ART BOEHME, he takes care of all aspects of corporate communication and document management - such as IT equipment, computers, programs, clouds, website and mail server.


Legal Services

This team consists of proven attorneys from Zurich/Geneva, London and Dubai specialized in the fields of art law, contract law and commercial law. At ART BOEHME, they guarantee the utilization and execution of impeccable purchase-and-sale contracts and trust agreements, as well as the fulfillment of compliance requirements in collaboration with the involved transaction banks. 


Corporate Organisation

This team consists of qualified and experienced Swiss service providers in the fields of office management, accounting and reporting, communication with local authorities as well as customer reception and meetings planning. For ART BOEHME, they all take care of a coordinated and perfect workflow organization at the company and business headquarters in Neuchâtel and Zurich.


Booming Art Market bolstered by Swiss free ports


Massive storage units around the globe are increasingly in demand by the booming art market, offering a duty and tax-free place to store art and make sales easier. Switzerland remains a global leader in this middle-man arena. The globalisation of the art market is dramatically changing the international landscape of art. Free ports, also referred to as bonded warehouses, serve as its logistics backbone as they allow works of art to be stored or transported in the best conditions while waiting to change hands.


Switzerland has always been a major player in the field, with more than a dozen free ports, the larger ones being in Chiasso, Zurich, Basel and Geneva. Geneva is said to concentrate the greatest amount of art of any storage in the world, much of it of museum quality. “Most of the art owned by our fund is in Geneva,” confirmed the Geneva-based group sales director for an international Fine Art Fund, a highly successful art investment partnership created many years ago. There are now 40 similar funds, 20 of them Chinese and most of them created in the last few years.


“But that doesn’t mean that the art remains hidden. The idea that art in free ports never gets shown is a myth,” the fund manager continued. “Owners have every reason to lend generously. When works they possess are exposed by prestigious institutions, they naturally increase in value.” (The Kunsthaus Zurich recently showed part of the legendary collection of a billionaire which is stored in Geneva’s free port.)


Fiscal Limbo

The deep changes occurring in the art world are however transforming the original purpose of free ports, which was to defer formalities until such a time as the art reached its final destination. The fiscal limbo of free ports is a great springboard for an investment market that has no need for the physical presence of goods. According to research by the Mei Moses All Art Index, art has consistently outperformed equities since 2000, with only a slight dip during the 2008 economic downturn. High net worth individuals looking to diversify their portfolios and investment funds are therefore purchasing art like never before, but not necessarily to live with it.

It follows that secure storage, preferably outside the fiscal legislation of any given country, is in great demand as art works weave their way in and out of financial transactions while remaining in warehouses.


So much Art

The art market is currently estimated to be worth more than CHF/USD 60 billion. Art markets are increasingly linked to financial markets, according to the manager of a London-based market research company. “People across the world are buying art,” the analyst emphasised. He attributes the explosive growth of the art market not only to investment funds, but also to the multiplication of art fairs, auction sales and new art collectors. There is so much art, he said, that we are running out of space “I know a number of collectors whose passion outran their walls long ago, but who keep buying. Up to 80 per cent of their collection ends up in bonded warehouses.” Even museums only show a very small portion of their possessions at a time.

As a result, the need for strategically placed professional services to ensure the safeguard and preservation of fine art is increasingly important.


Fort Knox

Free ports are not only temperature and humidity controlled, they also come with an armada of essential services: security, restoration, framing, authentication, evaluation and specialised transportation, to name only a few. “Preserving art in optimal conditions is the main reason for using warehouses,” insisted framer who opened an antenna to his shop in Geneva’s free port some years ago. Although free ports are guarded like Fort Knox, “Geneva is less mysterious than many make it out to be,” he stated. Some of the vaults even resemble luxurious galleries, although with a constant temperature of 17 degrees Celsius “we freeze in there,” he said.

Art preservation, he contended, is demanding. A large part of the success of free ports, he believes, is the quality of the services on site, including those provided by the forwarding agents. Thus, Natural Le Coultre, the world’s largest art storage and logistics operator states: “The art market has increased fourfold in recent years. The fact that there are more artists than ever before and that contemporary art tends to occupy greater volumes has also increased the need for state-of-the-art facilities.”


“Art is a Currency”

As a result, Geneva has ben expanding, with a new building opened in 2013, Singapore inaugurated a large facility in 2010 to cater to the rising Asian art market and a free port became operational in Luxemburg in 2014. Because security conditions are paramount, Natural Le Coultre dismissed the idea that shady deals remain rampant in free ports: “Everything is scanned on entry.” In 2005, Switzerland introduced legislation to verify provenance and ownership of all cultural goods and in 2009 it made complete inventories obligatory. Switzerland, with its numerous art collections, museums, galleries and art fairs has always cultivated its high art profile. The novelty is that its free ports have become key players in the booming international art market.

“Art is a currency that flows between countries,” the market analyst said, intent on pointing out that hypothetical returns are not always the main reason for buying. “Art procures prestige, as well as enjoyment.”


Free ports are protecting our artistic heritage on the move,” he concluded.






Global fine art investments, collection management, requires a dedicated client portfolio strategy, implementation and administration. Our team provides the framework for appropriate fine art investment decisions.

Portfolio Strategy: The portfolio strategy component of fine art collection management is comprised of strategic artworks selection and investment level steering. Strategic Asset Allocation is designed to provide a framework for portfolio diversification in fine art. We define this as an investment strategy with a profile tailored to clients' needs and requirements while optimizing cash flows stemming from artworks transactions. Investment Level Steering is defined as the development of an artworks investment plan to achieve and maintain the desired fine art collection for the client based on our common understanding of cash flow patterns of different art markets investments.

Portfolio Implementation: Once the art portfolio management has been established, our client’s strategy is designed to identify the most attractive fine art investment opportunities at a given point in time, based on an understanding of key price drivers and the market environment.

Portfolio Servicing: Our client’s fine art collection management involves the ongoing monitoring and valuation of art investments as well as their administration and accounting. These processes can be carried out by a dedicated in-house team, supported by us.


In establishing appropriate processes regarding risk management in accordance with our risk control framework, we identify the inherent investment risks in fine art. An integral part of any art investment management activities includes the consideration of other risk factors besides the risk-adjusted return potential of fine art investments. We offer our clients to implement a structured investment process for fine art which includes a rigorous due diligence process. We apply for the client a disciplined quantitative and qualitative risk management together with thorough fine art investment due diligence. This contributes to sustainable collection investment performance and high client satisfaction.


We strive to maintain high standards of business conduct and ethical behaviour in the Fine Art world at all times. Two basic principles with their roots in the values of the firm govern the behavior of and relationship amongst us and to our clients and partners: the mission statement and the core values. These principles provide a clear framework for us and ensure that high standards of professional conduct are applied across the firm’s business. Our core values are comprised of principles focused on the following themes: uniqueness and tradition; professionalism, competency and quality; continuity, reliability and trustworthiness; as well as client orientation and service excellence.


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